Say hi to Wilber

Who are you, Wilber?

So you figured out my name is Wilber? I might as well tell you my full name then! It's Wilber Brown. I have been a fanatic of audio systems, headsets, and whatever else this industry has to offer for at least one full year now. While I don't have everything under my belt just yet in terms of audiophile knowledge, I do feel like I can help others in this regard. My first post was for those that just got a new system and are wondering what the first things they should do with that system are. You need to break it in for the quality to go up! That's just how audio systems work. It works for subwoofers + speakers for a home theater, or even for expensive headphones. You need to break them in by listening to a few hours of music first.

You may contact me below if you have questions or concerns. I am kind of 50/50 on business inquirires or anything related to that for now, since this is just a simple blog and I am not looking for anything serious with it. Do contact me just in case though.